Policy Influencing and Advocacy: We advocate to ensure a coordinated and human rights based & child-focused approach to end FGM. To do this, we bring together our Members and other stakeholders to collectively influence the policies and practices of governments.

Building Bridges: Fostering dialogues across all different sectors unites us to share in onevoice in ending FGM. A key priority of the Network is ensuring that all work and dialogue around FGM must encompass all areas FGM lends itself to including the law, health, asylum, media, social protection and education. Through knowledge exchange of the different sectors, a better understand of how to end FGM for good can be reached.

Changing the Narrative: Words and their connotations are powerful and can have a strong impact on the work we do. An inaccurate or demeaning use of vocabulary, instead of an empowering and careful use of terminology, can cause misunderstandings and misconceptions, and might even be detrimental.

Campaigns: These are our themes, awareness raising campaigns or pledges to mobilise the public, professionals and decisions makers to act to end Female Genital Mutilation.